“Stages”, Gor Chahal (RUS)

Traditional spirituality brought up to date: at the Stadtpfarrkirche, Russian artist Gor Chahal is transforming the Orthodox Church tradition of Hesychasm into a contemporary design vocabulary. In his 2005 video, Stages, written invocations of God have a wide ranging pull that is hard to avoid. His presentation in the Stadtpfarrkirche in Graz combines the unfurling visual depth of space with the enchanting song of Russian avant garde poet and underground singer Alexei Khvostenko.

Having started creating virtual sculptures as early as the 1980s, Gor Chahal is considered one of Russia’s pioneers in multimedia art. As well as being represented in group and individual exhibitions in many European countries, his work was shown at a solo exhibition in 2010 in the renowned Tretjakov Gallery in Moscow.

Curated by: Alois Kölbl (QL-Galerie), Gertraud Schaller-Pressler (Kirchen Kultur Graz)
Technical implementation: Markus Königshofer (eventmanagement/eventtechnics)

„Klanglicht beginnt am Abend des Ostersonntags. Mit Klang und Licht drückt auch die Kirche den Jubel der Auferstehung aus. Ich freue mich, dass Gor Chahal mit seinem Video in den Tris(h)agion, einen der ältesten christlichen Hymnen hineinzieht, der den dreimal heiligen, starken, unsterblichen Gott anruft.“
− Stadtpfarrpropst Christian Leibnitz

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