Where, when, how and what?

The programme planned for every location will be continuously shown on all three nights from 08:30 p.m. until 11 p.m.

The audiovisual performance „Transfiguration“ staged at the operahouse is the only exception – please find the performance schedule on www.ticketzentrum.at


What is included in the festival ticket?

The festival ticket includes a ticket to the performance „Transfiguration“ and gives fast lane access to indoor destinations at the Next Liberty (Location #2), the Schauspielhaus (Location #7) and the Dom im Berg (Location #10). Of course you could as well visit those locations withouth festival ticket. Due to the high amount of visitors and the limited access to those locations we cannot guarantee that you will be able to enter without queue time.

Every location in public space can of course be entered free of charge.

The number of festival tickets is restricted, only a small number of tickets is available for every festival night.


What do you need 3D glasses for?

For the perfect view at the location Kaiser-Josef-Platz: Only with 3D glasses, the impressive 3D effect of the projection on the façade of the Graz Opera can be experienced! The 3D glasses are available in advance in the “Ticketzentrum der Bühnen Graz”, in the Information bureau of Graz Tourismus as well as during Klanglicht at each Information stand for 2 EUR.


Need help with orientation?

Why not use our Map App? Download our festival map on our website to your mobile phone – it will give you information on your location as well as on the installations around you.


Is there a recommended route?

Yes. Our route is shown on the Map App, in addition you will find hints in public space showing you, which direction to take. It does not matter, where you start as every location will show its programme continuously from 8:30 p.m. until 11 p.m.


What happens if it rains?

Our festival will take place under almost any wheather conditions – there is no bad wheather, only bad clothing 😉


What about the public transport?


As shown on the picture above, the Locations Opera Graz, Freiheitsplatz, Karmeliterplatz and Sackstraße will be blocked (21.-23.April 2019, 18:30-24:00) for transport.

Into town (via Glacisstraße, followed by the red arrow) it will be redirected over Rechbauerstraße – Wastiangasse – Sparbersbachgasse – Schlögelgasse – Girardigasse. Out of town (in the direction Glacisstraße, followed by the blue arrow) it will be redirected over Grazbachbachgasse – Sparbersbachgasse – Schillerstraße – Leonhardstraße.

Using the underground car park will only be possible for permanently parker. The “Operngarage” will be agreeable from the Hamerlinggasse. The access to the underground car park in the Pfauengarten as well as the exit will only be possible from the Sauraugase.

An Exit for residents is possible in phases.

More Information about the traffic and the tram lines can be found here: Klanglicht 2019_Verkehrsinfos


In case you need to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to klanglicht@theaterholding.at – we will be happy to provide you with any information you need