“Wunderland”, Jordan Soderberg Mills (CN)



A game with the rainbow: see Graz in new colours and from different perspectives, and capture multicoloured moments. The interactive Wunderland project displays Graz residents’ own photographs of their favourite places, viewed through Jordan Söderberg Mills’ glass photographic filter.  
An analogue medium for digital art. Precisely 3x3cm in format, the glass cube fits into any jacket pocket and comes into its own just as someone reaches for their smartphone to take a photo: when positioned on the camera lens, Jordan Söderberg Mills’ glass cube works like an analogue colour filter, capturing the world through all its sides, and refracting light differently depending on how it is rotated or flipped. The result is a unique spectrum of overlaid colours and pictures.
Graz residents tried out the analogue filter in the run‑up to KLANGLICHT 2019, rotating and flipping it to rediscover their city. The WUNDERLAND project displays the multicoloured impressions, memories and snapshots of favourite places across three evenings on digital screens along the Herrengasse in Graz.

Jordan Söderberg Mills is an interdisciplinary light and glass artist working closely with light refraction through and in a range of materials. Glass has thus become an important feature of his work. Whether he’s working with installations, sculpture or design, each of his works plays with the boundaries between digital and analogue reality. His works can be/have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Blythe House, at the London Design Festival and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Santiago, Chile. Johann Söderberg Mills was named glass artist of the year 2018 by Wallpaper Magazine.




“Das Projekt „Wunderland“ lädt die GrazerInnen erstmals ein, interaktiv Teil von Klanglicht zu werden. Interaktion mit der Stadtbevölkerung ist auch zentraler Bestandteil der Kommunikation rund um das in der Stadtgeschichte einzigartige Stadtentwicklungsprojekt  „Reininghaus Gründe“. A perfect match!”

– Daniel Kampus (Kampus Raumplanungs- und Stadtetwicklungs GmbH) in Vertretung des Eigentümerboards Reininghaus

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