What if


“What if”, Tina Frank (AT)

The immersive image sound installation “What if”  by artists Tina Frank and Alex Murray‑Leslie is a thought experiment that investigates the boundaries of our minds in projections of form, colour and images: How would the (living) space around us look if it were only inhabited by mosses and ferns? What would our daily life be like if it were detached from patriarchal structures? What if feminists ruled the world? Inspired by feminist theorist Donna J. Haraway, Tina Frank and Alex Murray‑Leslie transform the Künstlerhaus into a glass habitat for fictional and political reflection, one that cannot refuse to give the world a warning: people who sit in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Tina Frank, video artist, graphic designer and professor at the Linz University of Art has been concerned with the interface between the auditory and the visual since the 1990s. Her work focuses on digital data visualisation and synaesthetic experiments. Her installations and videos are shown at festivals all over the world. Alex Murray‑Leslie researches the tensions between design and digital music and is a founder member of the internationally‑renowned artists’ band, Chicks on Speed.

Photo (c) Tina Frank
“Dive” by Alexandra Murray-Leslie
Swimmer: Jana Salcedo Strausfeld
Camera: Wolf-Dieter Grabner
Boat driver: Bruno Erich
Curated by: Künstlerhaus – Halle für Kunst und Medien, Sandra Droschl
Technics: ProVideo

„Klanglicht lädt ein, Graz nachts zu erkunden und unbekannte Facetten der Stadt zu entdecken. Im Künstlerhaus ist der Perspektivwechsel Programm: Die immersive Klang-Bildinstallation von Tina Frank und Alex Murray-Leslie stellt alternative Narrative und Blickwinkel zur Disposition.“

– Sandro Droschl, Direktor und Kurator Künstlerhaus Graz