“Truck”, Erwin Wurm (AT)

Reality softens, truth flexes: a bright red lorry drives backwards up the wall of the Orpheum. Bent elegantly upwards in the middle, the truck seems to overcome its own weight without effort and adapt to the form of the building. The distortion of the utility vehicle’s form gives it a sculptural character, its functionality receding behind its artistic structure. But it is not only the vehicle that seems paradoxical: the façade of the theatre of Graz is also released from its original purpose. Used by the truck as an overnight parking space, the wall seems less a protective cover for the rooms inside than a stage for art.

Erwin Wurm was born in 1954 and lives and works in Vienna and in Limberg/Lower Austria. In the 1990s he attracted the attention of the public with his One Minute Sculptures. His multi layered work links and interrelates performance, video, photography, drawing and classical sculpture. Wurm has a pre modern interpretation of sculpture, conceiving of it as play with mass and volume. In this spirit he lovingly deforms everyday objects. His inflated houses, twisted cars and participatory One Minute Sculptures are an ironic exploration of the appearance of status symbols and the significance of social convention.

Technical implementation: The Grazer Spielstätten (Graz Theatres) Team
Information on the work: Erwin Wurm Truck, 2011
Mixed media: 360 x 200 x 560 cm 

„Mein Werk handelt vom Drama der Belanglosigkeit der Existenz. Ob man sich ihr durch Philosophie oder durch eine Diät nähert, am Ende zieht man immer den Kürzeren“
– Erwin Wurm