Sunken Cathedrals – Die versunkenen Kathedralen


“Sunken Cathedrals – Die versunkenen Kathedralen”, R/IN Zagreb (HR)


Krešimir Rogina has created his poetic and experimental installation of seven towers especially for KLANGLICHT 2019. Sunken Cathedrals uses sound and light to create resonances of Claude Monet’s depictions of Rouen Cathedral, which tell us about how light can change our perceptions. At the same time the cathedrals also reflect our own inner pillars. They portray the thoughts and feelings that ground us whilst also continually appearing in a different light.
Krešimir Rogina’s project, which developed out of collaboration with sculptor Siniša Majkus, is a multilayered installation on Freiheitsplatz, presenting a silent antithesis to the hubbub of the city. Although in the context of its role in new media light provides a variety of viewpoints, the focus here is on the impact of the medium, since light should never be reduced to its optical properties, according to the Croatian artist. Claude Debussy’s prelude, The Sunken Cathedral, forms part of the sound installation and thus also creates a link between visual and auditory experience.

Krešimir Rogina is a Croatian artist and architect. In addition to his architecture practice, Peneziv & Rogina, he works on a range of projects worldwide. Rogina’s works have been exhibited three times at the Venice Biennale. He founded the Summer School of Architecture in Grožnjan, Istria, and is a professor at the University of Applied Art in Rijeka and visiting professor at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris.

SUNKEN CATHEDRALS by R/IN Zagreb        Krešimir Rogina, Art Director
Siniša Majkus, Sculptures                                Tvrtko Ćavar & Igor Teofilović, Light & Sound
Dario Jukica, Technics                                     Kupole, Construction

Es freut uns besonders, die Veranstaltung Klanglicht 2019 erstmals zu unterstützen. Grenzübergreifendes Arbeiten gehört für die GRAWE mit unseren zahlreichen Versicherungstochtergesellschaften in Süd- und Osteuropa dazu. Umso mehr freuen wir uns daher auch die Patronanz für die Installation „Die versunkenen Kathedralen“ des kroatischen Künstlers Krešimir Rogina am Freiheitsplatz zu übernehmen.

– Mag. Klaus Scheitegel, GRAWE Generaldirektor

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