“OHNE TITEL, 2019”, Anna-Maria Bogner (AT)


On the bridge: amongst the jumble of people, noises can be heard that match the surroundings but don’t fit what’s happening. Have the waters of the Mur ever been so loud? Anna-Maria Bogner has developed the Untitled project especially for KLANGLICHT 2019 to engage with the issue of space. What is space? Where is it to be found? To be specific, the bridge is above, the water below, but what is between them? From the Erzherzog Johann bridge, viewers will see beams of light hovering over the water. Where they come from is not clear, but what they draw attention to is: even less accessible than a non‑place, the space contained between the Tegetthoff bridge and the Mur evades everyday awareness. An undiscovered space, which is perhaps being consciously seen and – through the transmission of its soundscape – heard for the first time. 

Born in the Austrian Tyrol in 1984, Anna-Maria Bogner lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.  Space is not so much the subject of her work as the condition in which the subject can emerge. It is by nature simultaneously self‑evident and vague. Space is simultaneously both nothing and everything, and this is precisely why it is a central theme of Anna-Maria Bogner’s work. Amongst other accolades, the Austrian artist has had Artist in Residence fellowships in the Netherlands, the USA and Bulgaria and been awarded numerous scholarships and art prizes. Her work can be seen at art galleries in Austria and in collections from Berlin to Los Angeles.

Sounddesign: Nikos Zachariadis
Technics: grafx live Marketing, SLV-Austria