//movingshapes, Class 5x of the HTBLVA Ortweinschule college in Graz (AT)

The //movingshapes project is a media installation by Class 5x of the HTBLVA Ortweinschule college in Graz that invites you to be courageous and get actively involved. The technology uses generative coding and processing to interact with viewers: moving your body forwards, backwards or to the side sets shapes and colours in motion and changes the soundscape you hear. It is underpinned by 18 algorithms that switch on at random and whose codes enable specific interpretations of movement.  The visual part of the installation, //movingshapes was awarded the Prix Ars Electronica. The interactive sound areas have been developed by the students especially for KLANGLICHT 2019, creating an audiovisual media installation that allows visitors to use their eyes and ears to become part of a digital work of art. 

Class 5x of the HTBLVA Ortweinschule college in Graz deals with creative programming for media design and media technology.
The students: Zoe Borzi, Johannes Fischer, Alina Fromm, Nicolas Glockner, Antonia Gutschelhofer, Nikolaus Heckel, Lena Landschützer, Lena Mannert, Kathrin Mayerl, Timo Neubauer, Natalie Pinter, Alexandra Rieser, Mona Ziringer, Martha Schnuderl, Andreas Schweighart, Jonathan Steininger, Maximilian Thaler, Raphael Wohlgemuth
Led by Jonathan Hoier and Joachim Dietze

Technics: grafx live Marketing 

„Die Schülerinnen der Ortweinschule Graz haben Algorithmen entwickelt, die unsere Körperbewegungen in digitale Kunstwerke verwandeln. Was in uns steckt, sehen wir im Next Liberty, bei einem Aufeinandertreffen von analoger und digitaler Gegenwart“

-Michael Schilhan


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