“Luxe”, Jordan Söderberg-Mills (CN)

A glass façade suddenly becomes a town jewel. Window by window, Luxe plays with the potential of light, refracts it, traps it again and lights up a building.
What can light do? What does it consist of and what light do we throw on the world when we change the medium through which we see it? In Jordan Söderberg Mills’ project Luxe, light meets glass. The perforated surface scatters the rays but the installation captures them all again into a single entity. As if searching for treasure, you encounter a luminous façade. Individual surfaces gleam and shimmer until viewers’ eyes dilate and become clear, and the glass windows in the colourful rays of light work together to become a jewel at the heart of our city.

Jordan Söderberg Mills is an interdisciplinary light and glass artist working closely with light refraction through and in a range of materials. Glass has thus become an important feature of his work. Whether he’s working with installations, sculpture or design, each of his works plays with the boundaries between digital and analogue reality. His works can be/have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Blythe House, at the London Design Festival and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Santiago, Chile.
His Luxe project was developed in collaboration with XAL and Kastner & Öhler. XAL Pivot lighting is an integral part of this light Installation.

Lighting: “Pivot” by XAL
Location: Kastner & Öhler
Technics: grafx live – Marketing 

Das Strahlen eines Juwels wiederzugeben, das Licht in seine Facetten zu brechen, war die Herausforderung. Um diese Vision zu realisieren wurde gemeinsam probiert und perfektioniert. Unsere Pivot mit ihrer hohen Flexibilität und dynamischen Lichtqualität hat sich als die perfekte Leuchte erwiesen, um dieser Installation den idealen Schliff zu geben.
Dwayne Waggoner, Department Head Lighting Design at XAL

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Luxe <br/> (2019)
Luxe <br/> (2019)