Les Luminéoles

“Les Luminéoles”, Porté par le Vent (FR)

Back at KLANGLICHT for its 5th anniversary!
The brightly coloured Luminéoles captured the hearts of audiences back in 2017, and these poetic creatures of the air are returning to Klanglicht to mark its fifth anniversary, this time floating over the Graz Opernring. Les Luminéoles are an installation by French collective Porté par le Vent. Carried by the wind is also what happens to these helium and light filled creatures as they take to the air, dance on the wind and cast their spell on the night sky above Graz.

Christophe Martine, founder of the Porté par le Vent collective, discovered his passion for paragliding in 1987 at the age of 14, and has honed it ever since, eventually turning his hobby into his job. A sports teacher, he has been getting his students involved with hang gliding for almost twenty years. He has developed a number of light art programmes based on Les Luminéoles, giving them impressive names such as Le Bal des Luminéoles [the Luminéoles ball] and Jardin d’hiver [winter garden]. Les Luminéoles was developed in collaboration with the Lyon Fête des Lumières [Festival of Lights].

Technical implementation: grafx live Marketing

“Das Schauspiel mit Licht und Klang im öffentlichen Raum ist in dieser Dimension und Vielfalt einzigartig und außergewöhnlich. Mit der Bespielung der gesamten Grazer Innenstadt an 19 Standorten zeigt Klanglicht auf beeindruckende Weise, dass Kunst Menschen bewegen, berühren und begeistern kann.“ 
– Gernot Blümel, Bundesminister für EU, Kunst, Kultur und Medien