Holographisches Windspiel

“Holographisches Windspiel 3.2” (Holographic Windchime), ArtificialOwl (CH)

Mist is rising over the Murinsel. The interplay of natural air currents and light creates dancing, constantly changing and mystically beautiful sculptures that break up the parametric architecture of their surroundings, transforming familiar structures into a completely new space. Artist Jan Raphael Knieza’s collective uses light, sound and mist to create an illusory experience that completely changes our perception of space. Viewers are gently immersed in a fleeting, dreamlike world from which they emerge only slowly. And the Murinsel is no longer the place that is so familiar to Graz residents…

Jan Raphael Knieza’s Swiss art collective ArtificialOwl creates fascinating installations from light, mist and sound that allow viewers to discover something new, even in familiar spaces. They employ both analogue and digital technologies in their artistic exploration of issues such as deceleration, illusion, dream and spatial perception, which is made very gently accessible to viewers.

Art Director und Illustration: Jan Raphael Knieza
3D-Animation: Matthias Pfaeffli
Sound design: Joshua Koch
Audio engineering
: Sebastian Stedler
Technical implementation: Franziska Menzel, Jan Raphael Knieza, Sebastian Stedler