For iTernity

“For iTernity”, Katja Heitmann (DE/NL)

When art captures infinity. Katja Heitmann’s light installation For iTernity is a dreamlike immortalisation of a dancer, which not only undertakes a subtle investigation of the human aspiration never to be forgotten but also pays a critical tribute to the internet as a medium. At Klanglicht 2019, visitors to the Karmeliterplatz are invited to encounter a luminous ballet dancer, who moves softly around them and over their heads by means of screens (mirrors). The music for the installation is based on the Mozart Requiem, sung by an American YouTube vlogger.

Katja Heitmann (1987, Hamburg) lives and works in the Netherlands. A qualified choreographer, her artistic work includes theatre, dance, visual art, performance and installation, with a central theme of all her work being what moves us. Do people move machines or do machines move people? Her performance installations are a poetic illustration of the fact that there is no unequivocal answer to this question. Katja Heitmann was named Outstanding Choreographic Talent by the Dutch Dance Festival in 2016.

Technical implementation: Katja Heitmann