“Diplopia”, Onionlab (ESP)


Light and shadow, flexibility and rigidity, proximity and distance, noise and silence: The three dimensional Diplopia projection by Spanish artists’ collective Onionlab takes a close look at contradiction. Volumetric contrasts and illusions of depth create images that confuse, unsettle and fascinate the viewer. The 3D project not only creates visual contradictions, it also conveys a feeling of inner tension. Diplopia is an audiovisual experience that has an impact on viewers’ broader emotions.

Onionlab specialise in oversize projections and virtual reality and their work creates intersections between art, design and technology. Their stereoscopic 3D mapping uses a range of angles and special techniques to create the illusion of depth in images intended for binocular viewing. With the help of 3D glasses, they blend into three dimensional objects that seem to emerge from the building.

Artistic concept: Onionlab
Technical implementation:
provideo, grafx live-marketing
Photo (c) Onionlab

„Viele Menschen erachten ihr Seh- und Hörvermögen als eine Selbstverständlichkeit, die sie jedoch nicht ist. Klanglicht ermöglicht mit audiovisuellen Installationen wie „Axioma“ das bewusste Wahrnehmen der Einzigartigkeit dieser menschlichen Sinne.“ 

– Fritz Wutscher, Geschäftsführer sehen! wutscher

In Cooperation with
Diplopia <br/> (2019)