Constant’s Zones
& Klangpfade


“Constant’s Zones” by studio ASYNCHROME

Artist Constant Nieuwenhuys’ utopian New Babylon is a radical rethinking of urban development from the 20th century that defines living space by use rather than by boundaries and delineates such space through individual colour schemes. studio ASYNCHROME experiments with this utopia, making Eggenberger Allee shine alternately red, green and blue. The changing lightscapes bring visitors into spontaneous dialogue with their shifting surroundings and lead them to adapt their emotions and senses to a new atmospheric space.

Concept: studio ASYNCHROME
Technic: Helmut Kaplan, grafx live-marketing GmbH, getec eventtechnik GmbH

This installation is made possible through the kind support of Holding Graz.

„Klangpfade“ by Winfried Ritsch

Visitors make their way through the Constant’s Zones light installation to the accompaniment of “sound paths” composed by Winfried Ritsch. Micro-compositions, known as SoundLives, allow them to look and listen behind the facade of the Eggenberg district, through the dripping of a tap, scraps of conversation and music, footsteps or the hum of an electrical appliance.

Composition: Winfried Ritsch
Software: Martin Simpson, Chonglian Yu, Johannes Zmoelnig (Soundlives)
Created with support of: Atelier Algorythmics, Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik Graz
Technic: Helmut Kaplan, grafx live-marketing GmbH, getec eventtechnik GmbH

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