„Archestra of Light", OchoReSotto © Alex Koch


4 evenings of light and sound installations at Eggenberg Palace
Once a year, Klanglicht, the Festival of Sound and Vision organised by Bühnen Graz, transforms the Styrian capital into a world of art, music, colours and light, captivating thousands of people again and again. And in autumn 2021, after a Covid-related break, Klanglicht is at last taking place once more!

The festival will be held on the evenings of 27 to 30 October 2021 in the park of Eggenberg Palace. The starting point for the artistic explorations of the 6th Klanglicht is the universe portrayed in Eggenberg Palace and the story told by the illuminations and (candle) lights as part of the UNESCO world heritage installation. Inspired by this cosmos, ten projects are bringing their compositions of sound and light to the palace gardens. The works, developed by internationally renowned artists, coexist with their surroundings and make the park – and Eggenberg Palace itself – shine and resound. We are delighted that Klanglicht is able to bring art directly to people again in 2021 and offer renewed evidence that art is capable of inspiring whole communities!
Information and tickets from www.klanglicht.at or +43 316 8000