“UN-retained“ by Sabine Molenaar / Cie. Sandman

Bodies – hovering and bending above the heads of the audience. Timeless, weightless. UN-retained is a visually stunning, poetic story that brings stillness to the world and lets us forget time, space and gravity. With her Sandman group, performance artist Sabine Molenaar has created a dance piece that acts as an overwhelming and immersive video installation and enables dancers for the first time to conquer the laws of nature.

Production: Sandman
Concept & Choreography: Sabine Molenaar
Technical Concept und Video Mapping: Gertjan Biasino
Composer: Jochem Baelus
Performers: Gunther Polle, Corentin Dockx, Thierry Dockx,
An Meirsman, Thibault Dockx, Sabine Molenaar and Umiko Dockx Molenaar
Additional Participants: Alexandra Brixy, Cinediving/ Wim Michels,
Thibault Dockx, Jeroen van Haudt, Adrien Lengrand, Nienke Rooijakkers, Filip Timmermans
Executive producers: DansBrabant & Kosmonaut
Coproduction: DansBrabant, GLOW Eindhoven
With the support of: Beamsystems, Fonds Podiumkunsten, LITES/Cinediving
Technic: grafx live-marketing GmbH, pro-video, getec eventtechnik GmbH