“H-U-M-A-N-?”, Sophie Guyot (CH) &
“BACH!”, Friedrich Kleinhapl (AT)

Little by little, the constellation of points of light on the wall changes. The eyes: on target. Their searching gaze roams through the Graz Landhaushof, driven by the question of which perspective will solve the puzzle. And then suddenly: aha!  With H-U-M-A-N-?, Swiss light artist Sophie Guyot not only asks about the nature of humanity, she also questions perspective. Her question – uncritical and never to be understood as a message – is Are we human? And what does it mean to be “human”?
From light to sound: Musician Friedrich Kleinhapl and his cello provide the soundtrack for Guyot’s H-U-M-A-N-? on all three evenings. The audiovisual project transforms the Landhaushof into a breathing space, a place where we look and listen more closely, a place that invites viewers to enter into an internal monologue. Friedrich Kleinhapl’s programme is as stimulating and meaningful as Guyot’s installation: as well as Johann Sebastian Bach’s suites for solo cello, visitors will hear Øistein Sommerfeldts Monologi und Friedrich Guldas Cadenza. Against Bach’s music, the epitome of culture and humanity, therefore, are set two works from the 20th century whose expressivity and drama tell of internal conflict, but also of resolution.
Music and light create an exciting production at the Landhaushof, which is expanded and intensified by the people searching and discovering as they move through it.

Sophie Guyot studied literature at the University of Lausanne, but in subsequent years and decades devoted herself increasingly to artistic work with light. Language also plays an essential role for her:  she uses light to create messages that are discovered and revealed in many different ways, depending on the project. Sophie Guyot never seeks to convey messages, however, but poses questions to provoke thought. Every work is tailored to fit its location, so that none of her projects is ever the same. H-U-M-A-N-? has previously been exhibited in Odessa (Ukraine) and Como (Italy).
Friedrich Kleinhapl is an Austrian cellist with Belgian roots who gives concerts as a soloist and chamber musician in cities throughout Europe, America and Asia.
His international breakthrough came in 2007 with the Mariinsky Orchestra under Valery Gergiev and with his 2009 recording of the Beethoven Sonatas with Andreas Woyke. His playing is characterised by expressiveness, rich tonality and uncompromising interpretation.

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“Kreativität und Energie sind untrennbar miteinander verbunden. Das Kunstfestival Klanglicht vereint in der steirischen Landeshauptstadt nachhaltige Licht- und Klangerlebnisse mit faszinierender Magie. Wir sind stolz darauf, zu den Geburtshelfern dieses international vielbeachteten Projekts zu gehören. Kulturelles Engagement ist Teil unserer Unternehmens-Identität. Die Entwicklung außergewöhnlicher Ideen ebenso. Deswegen sind wir gerne auch heuer als Partner mit dabei
– Christian Purrer, Vorstandssprecher Energie Steiermark