“FierS à Cheval“ by Compagnie des Quidams

Every hour, the French artistic performance group Compagnie des Quidams transforms the Eggenberg Palace forecourt into a unique magical world that carries its audience off on a radiant journey to the land of dreams. Dancing creatures made of air, light and silk tell dramatic stories and create unforgettable images against the backdrop of Eggenberg Palace.

The FierS à Cheval performance takes place every hour at 6.30 pm, 7.30 pm, 8.30 pm, 9.30 pm and 10.30 pm.

Authors: Hal Collomb, Jean-Baptiste Duperray & Géraldine Clément
Director: Jean-Baptiste Duperray
Drawings & Costume Design: Géraldine Clément
Handyman Artist: Frédéric Grand
Musical Creation: Serge Besset
3D modelling: Jean-Marc Noirot-Cosson
Production: Compagnie des Quidams
Technische Umsetzung: grafx live-marketing GmbH, ARTEC group GmbH

This performance is made possible through the kind support of Steiermärkische Sparkasse.

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Verstrickung <br/> (2021)

“Verstrickung” by OchoReSotto

Inside the Eggenberg Castle are many stories and myths, scenes and motifs hidden on frescoes, paintings and fabrics. They are all connected, entangled in themselves and weave the myth of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The projection on the facade of Schloss Eggenberg interweaves the history of the place and the art in the rooms with the artistic approaches of the collective OchoReSotto and gives an insight into the baroque universe of the castle.

Concept & Realization: OchoReSotto
Technic: Noisegate Eventtechnik GmbH