Same Time
Different Time


“Same Time. Different Time” by Ulrike Königshofer

Dedicated by Bishop Johann Weber in October 1996, the Schutzengelkirche – guardian angel curch – in Graz-Eggenberg is Styria’s most recently consecrated church building. To mark the anniversary of the consecration – 90 years ago Schutzengel also became a parish in its own right – this lovely church in Graz-Eggenberg is being made part of Klanglicht 2021 with the installation “Same Time. Different Time” by Ulrike Königshofer.
Everywhere on earth you can see the same sun. But the horizon is different. The video installation shows the sunrise in Vienna and the simultaneous sunset on the other side of the world, in Los Angeles. By shifting the perspective, Ulrike Königshofer makes the same event appear completely different.

Curated by Kirchen Kultur Graz in collaboration with the Graz-HI parish. Schutzengel.

Pfarrgasse 25, 8020 Graz
27. to 30. October 2021, daily from 6.30 – 11.00 p. m.

Artist: Ulrike Königshofer
For the Team: Gertraud Schaller-Pressler (Coordination), Heimo Kaindl, Alois Kölbl, Wolfgang Schwarz, Maria Otter
Technic: Markus Königshofer