Transfiguration – Die Verwandlung


„Transfiguration – Die Verwandlung“, Onionlab (ESP) und Xavi Bové (ESP)

Light and sound transform space, turning it into a new, unique experience. The surrounding architecture, whether familiar or not, becomes part of an experience for eyes and ears.
The interaction of live orchestral music and precisely controlled aesthetic lighting allows the auditorium of Graz Opera House to be experienced as an entirely new space. Viewers are carried away by both sound and light and taken on a journey that opens up completely new perspectives on the architecture of the space and the experience of music. The light production follows the rhythm of the music, with the latest technology being used to control lights with pinpoint accuracy, creating moods that appeal to, evoke and touch the senses as well as the emotions. The Transfiguration – Die Verwandlung [metamorphosis] installation was first exhibited to mark the 600th anniversary of the nave of Girona Cathedral and since then has been shown in Bilbao and New York.

Onionlab specialise in oversize projections and virtual reality and their work creates intersections between art, design and technology. The Spanish artists’ collective is currently based in Barcelona, but its audiovisual productions travel all over the world. Xavi Bové is an artist, curator and professor. His primary interest is in audio visual projection and video mapping where art and technology, image and sound, are closely interwoven.

“Transfiguration – Die Verwandlung” will be shown at all Klanglicht evenings in the Opera Graz. You will be given Access with the Festival Pass. More Information here.

Orchestra: Opera Graz
Technical implementation: Oper, grafx live-marketing, SLV-Austria
photo (c) Onionlab und Xavi Bové

„Mit der Förderung dieses Projekts, trägt die Steiermärkische Sparkasse dazu bei, dass durch eine beeindruckende Inszenierung architektonische Meisterwerke wie das Grazer Opernhaus in ein unvergessliches Licht gerückt werden und dadurch die Geschichte dieses Bauwerks auflebt.“

– Gerhard Fabisch, Vorstandsvorsitzender Steiermärkische Sparkasse

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