Intruders XL

“Intruders XL”, Amanda Parer (AUS)

Their creator, Australian artist Amanda Parer, calls them intruders, but the two long eared, glowing giants are solely peaceful in intention. Under the title Intruders XL, two oversized rabbits have positioned themselves for Klanglicht 2019, directly in each other’s line of sight, and their purpose is above all to bring a smile to people’s faces. From the main square you can admire the enormous figures in the immediate vicinity and look all the way to the glowing rabbits in the distance on the Schlossberg as well.

Part of the Parer Studios collective, Amanda Parer creates objects for public spaces, sculptures and paintings that explore the fragility of nature. In this context, she is also constantly engaged in critical interrogation of the role of humanity. The Australian artist has achieved great international recognition above all for her imposing installations that can occupy the whole city /landscape. Intruders XL are currently illuminating more than 26 cities worldwide, including London, Perth, Paris and Boston.

Technical implementation: grafx live Marketing