In the Rain

“In the Rain”, Yuki Anai & Hideaki Takahashi (JPN)

Rain is a language of nature. Yuki Anai’s installation ‘In the rain’ translates what our surroundings have to tell us for everyone whose senses are open to hear it. The project at Dom im Berg invites visitors to consciously experience the beauty and potential of rain and to enter into dialogue with their own memories. As media artist Yuki Anai gave his full attention one quiet moment to the drops of rain at his window, the memory awoke of a long forgotten rainy day. The view, the surroundings, the feelings, all suddenly came to life again. And this experience formed the basis of his sensory installation ‘In the Rain’. As a medium, rain, produced by light and sound, opens a door to the past for viewers.

Japanese media artist Yuki Anai combines light and sound with and by means of sensory technology. His installations are predominantly inspired by nature. He sees elements such as the sea or rain as messages whose meaning he decodes in his works. His projects have been given the Asia Digital Award, the Best Award of Smart Illumination and recognised by the Japan Media Art Festival.

Sound design: Hideaki Takahashi
technical implementation: Das Team der Grazer Spielstätten

Die Installation „In the Rain“ von Yuki Anai setzt modernste Technik ein, um ein Urphänomen zum Sinneserlebnis zu machen. Wir freuen uns, dieses Klanglicht Highlight 2019 unterstützen zu können.

Georg Knill, Präsident der IV-Steiermark

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In the Rain <br/> (2019)